Monday 26 November 2018

The Stone Circle

Some thoughts or dreams can become an itch that I have to scratch. So I tend to quiet my mind and  open myself to channel "inspiration". The Stone Circle is a thought that would not go away until I put pencil to paper. It has sat in my journal until now waiting to be heard.

Some dreams are reoccurring. I imagine my life as a stone circle. Each river stone being placed one at a time at each interval by a guiding hand.  The hand is young, soft, dirt brushed and sleeved in sack cloth. My circle of stones lay on a bed of sand with breezes blowing sand grains across the surface but still the hand guides the stones; measured, careful and gentle one stone after another. All stones set like a clock dial show one cycle in my life.
This reappearing vision haunts and taunts me with questions. Whose hand is guiding the stones?
The sands blow away and reveal as I peer over the stones a never-ending ring of stones, stacked upon each layer in a repeating pattern. Was each ring a life? A lesson? Or a representation of my growth? As I first saw the stone circle being formed on the bed of sand, all other circles were buried below, hidden from the present. Are we not meant to see our past? Are we to focus only on our present journey?
The sand supports the stones and shields us from knowing what was. Yet if we explored and dug beneath the sand, what do we find? These words come to mind      “As it is, it once was”.
The sand supports the opportunity of experiencing growth in a new way devoid of pre-conceived knowledge that may have led us down a different path. Perhaps this path is to be different then before. Perhaps each grain of sand is a new situation or variable to which the stone will join in its own unique way.
But who guides the stone?
The ragged sleeve denotes that which is simple, impoverished and one devoid of all worldly rules. Perhaps the one who works “is” outside the parameter of the physically driven world. One who relies on “grace” to guide the stones and one who can see clearly from above how the stone shall be placed and balanced.
Is this our soul, our spirit or the one higher being influencing the theatre of my life, like a child building with stones or rocks a tall tower?
My vision becomes panoramic. All the sand is gone and what is seen is the tower of stone circles flanked by identical stone towers and they too are flanked by towers and each circle of stone represents a river stone in an ever larger stone circle. An infinite array of stone circles forming circles of stone. Expansive and infinite, “we are part of the whole”.
St Francis of Assisi is there constructing his church stone by stone with a labour of love and I feel there is much love in the construction of my stone circle too.
I am overwhelmed with the love that has gone into the construction of all the circles of stone and now understand the meaning of true abundance. Indeed, we are loved.
So what is each stone a symbol of? What does one revolution of the stones mean?
River stones are rounded and smooth, formed by continuous currents of water shaping their curves. The power of the current forms the stone. All the rough edges are removed.

Moments of synchronicity happen. As I finished writing this, I lay down to watch TV. National Geographic showed a story about the ancient builders of Stone Henge. The narrator speaks “These stones were not just commodities they could buy at the market. They represented so much more. Each stone had a “soul” , a “purpose”!”

Wednesday 25 April 2018

Face the Mammoth

I  am an explorer at heart. I wanted to be an archaeologist as a child, being fascinated with anything Egyptian or Roman and would spend hours in-front of the TV watching  old movies of these topics. Star Trek and the Twilight Zone took me to a different realm of interest. All things mysterious and inexplicable fascinated me. Well, archaeology did not happen for my career and I did not learn to fly the Enterprise in this life but I have taken to exploring places and of late "Me". I was drawn to books on Past-lives and  the other side. It was only time before I began exploring my own past lives for answers. In this blog I will publish some past life exploration. 

It is amazing how pertinent things in he exploration are to current events in my life, the role I play in this reality and the circumstances I meet from a different perspective. It was not till I started transcribing my taped session from several months back that I had several "aha" moments. This is one excerpt from a past life regression as a caveman.

And have a look at what your wearing. What are you wearing? Bare feet,
Do you have some clothes on? Leather skin animal skin
Animal skin I think I am a caveman
Are you male or female? Male
And how old do you feel you are? Older male um 30
What are you doing this time? Hunting
Hunting. Are you alone or are there others with you? I have a party. A party of men
As this man wearing animal skins, what do you feel about yourself this time? How do you feel hunting with the party? Free. I feel part of my surroundings, all is one. I feel instinct, I feel powerful, I feel expansion. I am very frontal lobe. My frontal lobes pound
And you’re feeling content with the life that your leading? Its good
Good, now what are you hunting for? Go forward and see what your hunting and looking for? Mammoth, elephant size, yeah. I have a long wooden spear … with a stone head.
Go forward in the hunt and tell me do you catch something on this expedition? Yes.
What do you catch? Mammoth
Mammoth. And how many men in your hunting party are with you? Ah. I feel eight. Eight of us altogether
And is there anything you like to tell us about capturing and hunting that mammoth? What do you hunt it for? For food
Food. And can you see how you kill it, manage to cut it up and take it back? Is your home far away? Do you have to travel far? No, we live above the valley. We go down into the valley to hunt
Now take yourself back to you family or back to your tribe with your prize your catch and tell me when you are back at home. Yes
And who do you see there? Do you have someone from your family? Do you have family. Wife
Do you have any children? Maybe 2 or 3
And who else lives with you? Do you live in a cave? You said you were a caveman Yes
Who else lives in the cave. Is it the whole tribe or part? No just my family
Just your family. Tell me about your wife? She makes the fire
And what’s your relationship like with your wife. How do you feel towards your wife? She’s my wife. She makes the fire
So, she is there to help do the work in the cave...the housework for you. Do you recognise anybody from this life – your wife or your children or the other tribal members that live with you or nearby? Not my wife, not my children
Now I want you to go forward in time to the next significant part of your life as this proud and free caveman Just go forward in time to when you’re a little bit older or the next significant time in your life. Hunting mammoth again
And who are you with? There’s some men behind me.
And what’s happening during this hunt? I get gored by the mammoth
And where does it gore you? In my stomach
So, tell me what you can see now that you have been gored by the mammoth, what’s happening? I look in his eyes. I am backed to a tree and then the other men, chaos around me. I am their leader and their leader is gored, and they are panicking. They are throwing spears at the mammoth. I am already gored. Its horn, its tusks are through me.
Have they got you off the mammoth tusks? No, he is still there. He’s angry and they are throwing spears. They can’t save me.
And how do you feel at this time now that you are fatally gored? It was a good fight, and he won. This time. It’s the balance of life.
You know this is the last day of your life now that you have been fatally gored. How do you feel about knowing that your going to pass to the other side? It’s your last day. This has happened. How do you feel, knowing you’ve been fatally gored? I know… it’s OK. Things live and things die. It’s the see saw. Up and down up and down and we’re all connected so it’s OK. He took my … he took my power, my strength ‘cause he won, but when I killed, I took the mammoth’s power and strength so it’s a cycle
Yes. Do you have any thoughts about your family, your home? Ah! she will have a mate, someone in the tribe will take my place, my wife. My children will have to be tough. He may not want the children but they are my children and they are tough
Now you have passed and you are at peace. You are no longer in pain from being gored, you are at peace. Tell me when you are gone and feeling peaceful. I’m peaceful now
Now he is you and we are going to ask him -that caveman, ask him back and find out what message he can tell you. What did he learn from that life as a caveman?
What you take, you return. It does not matter, it’s all the same. To lead, I learnt to protect my family, I learnt to provide for my family, I learnt to make weapons and I learnt to use them and I learnt to lead my men. And I learnt to not fear at all because here is not real, because we are all one.
Is there anything else? Does he have a message for you, for Donna this time in your life? Step forward, face the mammoth. Don’t worry about the wound cause it’s not real it’s just energy transfer. It’s part of the cycle
Anything else? Be true to yourself and live the life you want to live. It’s about you, being who you are.

The funny thing with this part of the session is, I felt like I was the caveman. I did not understand all the need for questions and talking. My answers were "Obvious" to me. It did not need to be said. It was just known. Some of the questions did not make sense. What did it mean "feel about my wife? That did not even come into it. We had roles, we survived. I was very much in the present moment of life, not looking forward or looking back but being "here".  My instincts were heightened  and the energy coming from my frontal lobe was immense. I felt so powerful and connected to my environment. The interviewer asked many questions that I did not answer but I had flashes of visions about the hunt and post the hunt. I could not understand carrying a large mammoth carcass back to camp. I saw a vision of us gutting the animal on the spot and raising it up by our spears in a tee-pee fashion. The meat would be cut away from inside to preserve the skin and dried this way. We would not take all the meat away, only what we needed but leave the rest for other predators and scavengers. The hunt not only served a practice to get food but was also a deeply spiritual practice of taking on the power of the animal, like an exchange of energy. This was an amazing experience